Here’s a copy of the Stuart Pratt seniors appeal letter to Berkeley City Council, appealing the Zoning Adjustment Board’s decision to approve the 2024 Durant project:  2024 Durant ZAB appeal 05 (PDF) Advertisements

1/17/2013 Hi Zoning Adjustments Board, I’m submitting this public comment regarding the proposed 2024 Durant/2025 Channing private student dorm project on behalf of the low-income seniors of the Stuart Pratt Manor senior residence next door, at 2020 Durant, and on behalf of residents of the protected R-4/R-3 southwest downtown area. We are deeply concerned that […]

Please contact to sign a petition opposing the upzoning of 2024 Durant and 2025 Channing to commercial zoning, and to oppose the six-to-eight story private luxury dorm proposed to replace the 2024 Durant church building.  The dorm will block light to the seniors and significantly increase traffic and parking demands in the area, which […]