Petition to rezone 2024 Durant Avenue to R-3 residential zoning as directed in the Berkeley Downtown Area Plan

Please contact to sign a petition opposing the upzoning of 2024 Durant and 2025 Channing to commercial zoning, and to oppose the six-to-eight story private luxury dorm proposed to replace the 2024 Durant church building.  The dorm will block light to the seniors and significantly increase traffic and parking demands in the area, which will be dangerous to the seniors, other neighborhood residents, and bicyclists on the Channing bicycle avenue. Most of the senior apartments facing the church are studio apartments with only one window–their light will be blocked from dawn to 9AM or possibly 11AM, and they may have to keep their curtains closed for privacy and their window closed to keep out noise if the six-to-eight story dorm is built next door.

Note that the upzoning is in violation of the recently passed Downtown Area Plan, 2024 Durant and 2025 Channing were supposed to be downzoned to R-3 zoning with a maximum height of three stories (see Policy LU-7.1).

Read a Daily Cal article on the proposed dorm and view a video of the seniors discussing the project:

Daily Cal: Proposed student residential development draws protest from local residents

Here’s the video accompanying the article:

For more information, please see this recent public comment to the Zoning Adjustments Board regarding the proposed private dorm project:

Summary of arguments against the 2024 Durant private dorm project for 2013 Zoning Adjustments Board meeting

The commercial zoning of 2024 Durant means that current and future owners of the property can build commercial establishments on the property including:

-Liquor Stores
-Department Stores
-Pawn Shops
-Auction Houses
-Pet Stores
-Smoke Shops
-Veterinary Clinics
-Banks under 7,500 s.f.
-Medical Offices
-Adult-Oriented Businesses

Don’t forget to email, phone, and write City Council and the Zoning Adjustments Board to request that 2024 Durant be downzoned to R-3 as directed in the Downtown Area Plan.

Please email the Zoning Adjustments Board via secretary Terry Blount)

Read the letter requesting upzoning from R-4 to C DMU commercial use, from the owners of 2024 Durant (the Presbytery of San Francisco):

Read the types of commercial establishments which can be built on C DMU commercial zoning:

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